Departmental policy for external graduate fellowships

The Linguistics Department has instated a new policy regarding students holding fellowships whose stipend i) falls far below our financial commitment to that student (lower than that year’s GRM/DYF stipend, which is currently $20,000/year) and/or ii) does not pay for full tuition/fees. For each year they hold these fellowships, students will be required to TA at 25% for one quarter if one of these conditions holds, and for two quarters if both of the conditions hold. Students may not combine these requirements into a single-quarter 50% TA appointment without explicit permission from the DGS. The scheduling of TA quarters will be determined in consultation with the DGS; students’ scheduling preferences will be granted wherever possible given departmental constraints. This policy will go into effect for AY 2022-2023 for matriculating students.

Please consult with the DGS or Grad SAO if you have any questions.