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Phonology Seminar: Practice AMP Posters

Campbell Hall 2122

Jinyoung Jo, “Inter-speaker variation in the realization of stem-final coronal obstruents in Korean” Jake Aziz, “Malagasy vowel devoicing as gestural alignment” Jennifer Kuo, “Markedness effects in paradigm reanalysis: the case of Malagasy consonant alternations” Yang Wang and Bruce Hayes, “Learning underlying representations: The role of Expectation-Maximization and the KK Hierarchy”

Phonology Seminar: Journal Club

Campbell 2122A/B

Phonology Journal Club Guidelines Selecting an article: Please visit the journals and proceedings and find something not covered in the lists below. Please visit this page to see if anyone has done the article before, and also to record your choice so others will not duplicate: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l6ZJ1T9QD1Mx8Ih3ZU2Tz2t4UHC5jPcF8-2DmwLy3kw/edit?pli=1# Here are some top journals that publish work...