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Eventful weekend at LSA 2015 (Portland)

Published: January 13, 2015

UCLA was incredibly well-represented by both past and present faculty and students at the recent annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Portland. Highlights include Pat Keating being inducted into the newest class of LSA Fellows, together with former UCLA colleague, Donca Steriade (now at MIT). Sun-Ah Jun was also an invited speaker on the LSA’s panel on ethnic diversity in Linguistics. Congratulations all!

Talks and events at the LSA

Bruce Hayes delivered an invited plenary talk entitled: “Phonological acquisition is not always accurate”: Extending the Kiparskyan research program

Robert Daland taught a mini-course on Introductory Python for Linguists.

Additionally, we were well-represented by both alumni and current students/faculty in the talk and poster schedule:

Hannah SarvasySplit Number in Nungon (Papuan).

Jason B. Bishop (Ph.D. 2013, CUNY-CSI), Adam J. Chong, Sun-Ah JunExplicit prosodic phrasing in relative clause attachment

Dustin BowersLearning Composite Phonological Representations

Lauren Winans, Jessica Rett, Nina Hyams and Laura Kalin (Ph.D. 2014, UConn). Children’s comprehension of syntactically encoded evidentiality

Kuniko Nielsen (Ph.D. 2008, now at Oakland University) & Rebecca Scarborough  (Ph.D. 2005, now at U. Colorado, Boulder). More vs. Less: Asymmetries in the Perception of Nasality and VOT

Georgia Zellou (University of California, Davis) & Rebecca Scarborough (Ph.D. 2005, now at University of Colorado at Boulder).Comparing lexical age-of-acquisition effects in infant-directed and adult-directed speech

Colin Wilson (Former Faculty, now at JHU) & Rebecca Scarborough (Ph.D. 2005, now at University of Colorado at Boulder). Comparing neighborhood density and phonotactic probability in nasal coarticulation

Colin Wilson (Former Faculty, now at JHU) and Eleanor Chodroff (JHU). Weighting perceptual cues to stop voice by modeling talker differences.

Natasha Abner (Ph.D. 2012, now at Montclair State University), Savithry Namboodiripad (UCSD), Elizabet Spaepen (University of Chicago), Susan Goldin-Meadow (University of Chicago). Morphology in Child Homesign: Evidence from Number Marking

Natasha Abner (Ph.D. 2012, now at Montclair State University), Kensy Cooperrider (University of Chicago), Susan Goldin-Meadow (University of Chicago). Creating Meaning in the Palm of Your Hand

Savithry Namboodiripad (UCSD), Eric Bakovic (UCSD), Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, UCSD). Moraic geminates in Malayalam: evidence from minimal word effects and loanword adaptation

Jane Chandlee (Nemours – Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children) & Jeff Heinz (Ph.D. 2007, now at U. Delaware). Using Locality to Learn Long-distance Phonological Processes

Jie Zhang (Ph.D. 2001, now at University of Kansas) & Hanbo Yan (University of Kansas).
The Production and Perception of Laryngeal Contrasts in Shanghai Wu

Juliana Gerard (Department Scholar 2011, now at U. Maryland) & Jeff Lidz. Using Principle C to rule out an attachment account of adjunct control in 4-5 year olds

Talks in the Workshop on Aspects of Creaky Voice

Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCSD) & Patricia Keating. Phrase-final creak: articulation, acoustics, and distribution

Patricia Keating Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCSD). Acoustic analysis of creaky voice

Jianjing Kuang (Ph.D. 2013, now at University of Pennsylvania). The covariation between pitch and phonation: creaky voice in Mandarin tones

Talks in the Workshop on Recovering Prosody: Case Studies in the Prosodic Phonology of Ancient Indo-European Languages 

Andrew Byrd (Ph.D. 2010 in Indo-European Studies, UCLA, now at U. of Kentucky, Lexington) & Ryan Sandell (Program in Indo-European Studies, UCLA). Extrametricality and non-local compensatory lengthing: The case of Szemerényi’s Law

Donca Steriade (former faculty, now at MIT). Reduplication and reconstructed syllable structure in Indo-European

Talks in the parallel meeting of SSILA

Olga Lovick (First Nations University of Canada) & Siri Tuttle (Post-Doc 1998-2001, now at University of Alaska Fairbanks). Direct and indirect prohibitives in Koyukon and Upper Tanana Athabascan

Pamela Munro. Covert Subjects in Colonial Valley Zapotec

Harold Torrence (Ph.D. 2005, now at University of Kansas). The position of indefinites in Cocuilotlatzala Mixtec

Andrés Aguilar (UCSD), Gabriela Caballero (UCSD), Lucien Carroll (UCSD) & Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCSD). Multi-dimensionality in the tonal realization of Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara)