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Adam Royer secures position at thrv

Published: November 23, 2021

Congratulations to Adam Royer for his position as a qualitative and quantitative researcher at thrv, a market research firm, designing surveys and conducting interviews to help businesses identify new markets with high earnings potential.

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Congratulations to Deborah Wong!

Published: April 6, 2021

Congratulations to Deborah Wong, who defended her dissertation in fall 2020, and will soon be taking up a position as a data scientist at Spectrum Labs, a start-up based in San Fransicso. The company works on text and audio content moderation and detecting toxic behaviors online.

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Congratulations to Marju Kaps, recipient of the CUNY Young Scholar Award!

Published: March 5, 2021

Congratulations to Marju Kaps (PhD 2020), who was awarded the Jerrold J. Katz Young Scholar Award for her 2020 talk “Processing coordination ambiguity in context: Eye- tracking evidence from Estonian” at the 33rd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. Marju recently accepted a lectureship at Birkbeck College, University of London. Congratulations, Marju!

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Congratulations to Richard Stockwell and Carson Schütze for the publication of their paper!

Published: February 5, 2021

We extend our congratulations to Richard Stockwell, recent Ph.D recipient, and Carson Schütze for the publication of their paper in the journal, English Language and Linguistics. The article is as follows: Stockwell, Richard and Carson T. Schütze (in press). “The puzzling nuanced status of who free relative clauses in English: a follow-up to Patterson and Caponigro (2015).” English Language and Linguistics.

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Congratulations to Megha Sundara of the Language Acquisition Lab and co-authors for publication of two papers!

Published: February 5, 2021

We congratulate the Language Acquisition Lab and Megha Sundara for her work on two articles that have been accepted for publication in the journals Developmental Science and Cognition. The two articles are as follows: “6-month-olds are sensitive to English morphology” by Yun Kim (Emory University) and Megha Sundara to appear in Developmental Science. “Stem similarity modulates infants’ acquisition of phonological…

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