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Language lab published in Journal Cognition

Published: October 11, 2018

There are two papers from the infant lab this year in the Journal Cognition. Megha Sundara & Victoria Mateu are the authors of a paper in the December 2018 issue of Cognition, Lexical stress constrains English-learning infants’ segmentation in a non-native language. Cognition, 181, 105-116. Sundara, M., Ngon, C., Skoruppa, K., Feldman, N. H., Onario, G….

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UCLA linguists in JASA

Published: September 14, 2018

Neda Vesselinova, Jody Kreiman, and Pat Keating are among the authors of a paper in the July issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, “Towards understanding speaker discrimination abilities in humans and machines for text-independent short utterances of different speech styles”. This work is part of an NSF-funded project in Electrical Engineering,…

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Olga Ivanova in Language & Communication

Published: February 12, 2018

Lecturer Olga Ivanova has published a paper, entitled “Overcoming discursive prohibitions in participatory media: A case study on talk about homosexuality in Tanzania,” in the journal Language & Communication. Full citation below. Congrats, Olga! Ivanova, O. (2018). Overcoming discursive prohibitions in participatory media: A case study on talk about homosexuality in Tanzania. Language & Communication, 58, 34–46.

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Hilda Koopman a co-author on a PNAS paper

Published: April 26, 2017

Hilda Koopman is a co-author on a PNAS paper arguing that yes, there (seems to be/is) a Neural correlate of syntactic operation Merge. From the abstract: Our results provide initial intracranial evidence for the neurophysiological reality of the merge operation postulated by linguists and suggest that the brain compresses syntactically wellformed sequences of words into a…

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New books by Rett and Schuh

Published: January 7, 2015

Congratulations to Jessica Rett and Russ Schuh on the publication of their new books. Jessica’s book, The Semantics of Evaluativity, is published by Oxford University Press and was acclaimed by many distinguished outside reviewers during her recent tenure review. It is now available on! Russ Schuh is a co-author of Bole-English Dictionary and English-Bole Wordlist, just published…

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