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Congratulations to Megha Sundara of the Language Acquisition Lab and co-authors for publication of two papers!

Published: February 5, 2021
We congratulate the Language Acquisition Lab and Megha Sundara for her work on two articles that have been accepted for publication in the journals Developmental Science and Cognition.
The two articles are as follows:

“6-month-olds are sensitive to English morphology” by Yun Kim (Emory University) and Megha Sundara to appear in Developmental Science.

“Stem similarity modulates infants’ acquisition of phonological alternations” by Megha Sundara and co-authors Jamie White (University College London), Yun Kim (Emory University) and Adam Chong (Queen Mary University London), to appear in Cognition.

Again, we extend our congratulations to Megha Sundara, Yun Kim, Jamie White, and Adam Chong for their outstanding work!