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UCLA linguists at WCCFL 33 @ Simon Fraser U.

Published: March 28, 2015

UCLA is well-represented by both current and former students at this week’s WCCFL at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.


Amanda Ritchart (former undergraduate, now Ph.D. student at UCSD), Grant Goodall (UCSD) and Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, now at UCSD), Prosody and the that-trace effect: an experimental study.

Byron Ahn (Ph.D. 2015, now at Boston U.) Out-sourcing internal arguments.

John Gluckman. Decomposing morphological number in local contexts.

Jason Kandybowicz (Ph.D. 2006, now at U. of Kansas) & Harold Torrence (Ph.D. 2005, now at U. of Kansas, joining UCLA in Fall 2015). Two probes, one goal, different copies: There’s no wrong way to front a predicate in Krachi.

Poster presentations:

Isabelle Charnavel (Ph.D. 2012, now at Harvard). Let you be bound to me (and me to you).

Laura Kalin (Ph.D. 2014, now at UConn). Morphological reversal in Amadiya (Neo-Aramaic) as late-agreement.