Roles and Responsibilities

Staff Directory

NameTitlePhone NumbersEmails
Danielle GoldsmithAcademic Personnel
Kevin MelendezDepartment Technology
Joana PelayoDepartment
Kate AquinoGraduate Student Affairs
Kristina Magpayo NydenDepartment Manager/Chief Administrative
Leigh BagoodUndergraduate Student Affairs
Mariam JanvelyanInterpreter for the
Melissa JameroFund
Obafemi Indigo Burris-AlbansSenior

Staff Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities Staff Names
Academic Personnel DossiersDanielle Goldsmith
Audio-Visual ServicesJoana Pelayo
Benefits (information/processing)Danielle Goldsmith
BillingMelissa Jamero
Budgets/Extramural funds (information/balances)Melissa Jamero
Building issues (Campbell Hall/Rolfe Hall West)Kristina Magpayo Nyden/Joana Pelayo
Catalog changes — Graduate coursesKate Aquino
Catalog changes — Undergradaute coursesLeigh Bagood
Catering for department-internal eventsJoana Pelayo
Colloquium speakers (reimbursements, honoraria, accommodations)Joana Pelayo /Melissa Jamero
Computers (technical problems, software installed)Department Technology Analyst
Conference/Guest lecturer arrangementsJoana Pelayo /Melissa Jamero
Conference room scheduling (Campbell Hall)Joana Pelayo
Copy machines (codes, repairs, supplies, etc.)Joana Pelayo
Counseling — Undergraduates studentsLeigh Bagood
Counseling — Graduate studentsKate Aquino
Course action procedures — Graduate coursesKate Aquino
Course action procedures — Undergraduate coursesLeigh Bagood
Email listservs ( Pelayo
Email accounts (Humnet)Department Technology Analyst
Enrollment — Graduate studentsKate Aquino
Enrollment — Undergraduate studentsLeigh Bagood
Equipment purchasesKristina Magpayo Nyden/Melissa Jamero
Faculty ID cardsDanielle Goldsmith
Fellowship InformationKate Aquino
Furniture moves/removalKristina Magpayo Nyden/Joana Pelayo
Grade changes — Graduate studentsKate Aquino
Grade changes — Undergraduate studentsLeigh Bagood
Graduate fellowship informationKate Aquino
Graduate student financial inquiriesKate Aquino
Hiring/separations — TA, GSRs, RAsKristina Magpayo Nyden
Hiring/separations — Instructors (incl. faculty, temp faculty, RA, visiting titles)Danielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Hiring/separations — StaffKristina Magpayo Nyden/Danielle Goldsmith
Honorariums/Guest Speaker FeesJoana Pelayo/Melissa Jamero
Inventory (supplies/equipment)Joana Pelayo/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
KeysJoana Pelayo
Lab ManagerSONAR and IRB support (TBD)
MailJoana Pelayo
Mini Grants — OID applications/reimbursementMelissa Jamero
Parking permits — Instructors/visitorsJoana Pelayo
Parking permits — StaffDanielle Goldsmith/Melissa Jamero
Payroll — Faculty/Lecturers/Visiting Titles/StaffDanielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Payroll — Language consultantsDanielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Payroll — Student employeesKristina Magpayo Nyden
Payroll (reports/calculations/processing salaries)Danielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Purchasing/ReimbursementJoana Pelayo/Melissa Jamero
Recharges (library copies, slides, etc.)Joana Pelayo/Melissa Jamero
Recruitment/faculty searchesDanielle Goldsmith
ReimbursementsJoana Pelayo/Melissa Jamero
Renovations/Facilities Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Sabbaticals/leavesDanielle Goldsmith
Scheduling classes/room changesLeigh Bagood
Software purchasesMelissa Jamero
Space planningKristina Magpayo Nyden
Student event planning — Graduate studentsKate Aquino
Student event planning — Undergraduate studentsLeigh Bagood
Student forms & academic progress — Graduate studentsKate Aquino
Student forms & academic progress — Undergraduate studentsLeigh Bagood
Summer ninthsDanielle Goldsmith
Supervision (Staff management and supervision)Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Supply orders/purchasesJoana Pelayo/Melissa Jamero
Teaching evaluationsJoana Pelayo
Telephones (updates/problems/repairs)Joana Pelayo
Textbook orders/desk copiesJoana Pelayo
Timesheets — GSRs, Casual Employees, WorkstudyDanielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Transportation/Parking CoordinationJoana Pelayo
Conference/Business Travel (vouchers, reimbursements, advances)Joana Pelayo/Melissa Jamero
UCPath transactions/orientation — InstructorsDanielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
UCPath transactions/orientation — TA, GSRs, RAsDanielle Goldsmith/Kristina Magpayo Nyden
Visas — Faculty/visiting titles/postdocsDanielle Goldsmith
Visas — Graduate studentsKate Aquino
Visiting Titles — Scholars/ProfessorsDanielle Goldsmith
Website design/updatesJoana Pelayo