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Henry Tehrani
Lucian Tucker310-206-9798
Rosie Mejia

Staff Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities Staff Names
Academic Personnel DossiersNancy Gutierrez
Audio-Visual ServicesTarah Frost
Benefits (information/processing)Nancy Gutierrez
BillingCobey Chang
Budget information and preparation (Faculty and PI) Cobey Chang
Budgets/Extramural funds (information/balances)Cobey Chang
Building issues (Campbell Hall / Rolfe Hall)Tarah Frost
Catalog changesSara Hosegera/Jackie Perez
CateringTarah Frost
Colloquium speakers - reimbursement and honorariaTarah Frost
Computers (Phonetics Lab, Psycholinguistics Lab)Henry Tehrani
Computers (technical problems, software installment)Xavier Ramirez
Conference planning/Guest lecturersTarah Frost
Conference room scheduling - 2122 Campbell HallTarah Frost
Copy machine—codes, repairsTarah Frost
Contracts and Grants InformationCobey Chang
Course action proceduresSara Hosegera/Jackie Perez
Counseling (undergraduates & grad students)Sara Hosegera/Jackie Perez
Email accounts (Bruin Online)Tarah Frost
Email accounts (Humnet)Xavier Ramirez
E-mail listsTarah Frost
Enrollment (Graduate students)Sara Hosegera
Enrollment (Undergraduate students)Jackie Perez
Equipment purchasesCobey Chang/Tarah Frost
Facilities problemsTarah Frost
Faculty ID cardsNancy Gutierrez
Fellowship InformationSara Hosegera
Furniture inside/outside Office removalTarah Frost
Funding balances/allocationsCobey Chang
Grade changesJackie Perez/Tarah Frost
Graduate fellowship informationSara Hosegera
Graduate student financial inquiriesSara Hosegera
Hiring/separations Instructors (faculty, temp faculty, RA, visiting titles)Nancy Gutierrez
Hiring/separations TA, GSRs Sara Hosegera
HonorariumsTarah Frost
Inventory (equipment)Cobey Chang
IRB supportRosie Mejia
KeysTarah Frost
LVO Orders (purchase/reimbursement)Tarah Frost
MailTarah Frost
Mini Grants—OID applications/reimbursementTarah Frost
Parking permitsTarah Frost
Payroll (reports/calculations/processing salaries)Nancy Gutierrez
Payroll - Faculty/Lecturers/Visiting Titles/StaffNancy Gutierrez
Payroll - Language consultantsNancy Gutierrez
Payroll - Student employeesSara Hosegera
Poster Printing Henry Tehrani
Purchasing/ReimbursementTarah Frost/Cobey Chang
Recharges (library copies, slides, etc.)Tarah Frost
Recruitment/faculty searchesNancy Gutierrez
ReimbursementsTarah Frost
Renovations/FacilitiesTarah Frost
Research assistants - hiringSara Hosegera
Sabbaticals/leavesNancy Gutierrez
Scheduling classes/room changesTarah Frost
Software purchasesCobey Chang
SONARosie Mejia
Space planningTarah Frost
Supervision (Staff management and supervision)Pat Keating
Student event planningSara Hosegera/Jackie Perez
Student forms & academic progressSara Hosegera/Jackie Perez
Summer ninthsNancy Gutierrez
Supplies, orderingTarah Frost
Teaching evaluationsTarah Frost
Telephones—updates/problems/repairsTarah Frost
Textbook orders/desk copiesTarah Frost
Timesheets--GSRs, Casual Employees, WorkstudyNancy Gutierrez
Transportation/Parking CoordinationTarah Frost
Travel vouchers/reimbursements & advancesTarah Frost
UCPath transactions/orientationNancy Gutierrez/Sara Hosegera
Visas (graduate students)Sara Hosegera
Visas (faculty/visiting titles/postdocs)Nancy Gutierrez
Visiting Titles (Scholars/Professors)Nancy Gutierrez
Website designLucian Tucker
Website updatesTarah Frost