Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Turkish, Turkic, and the languages of Turkey (Tu+3)

UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics 19, 2018.

1) Ketrez, Nihan. “Error-free” acquisition of Turkish: a child-friendly language?
2) Köylü, Yılmaz. The effect of predicate type on noun incorporation in Turkish.
3) Kurada, Hazel Zeynep; Aydın, Özgür;  Yarbay-Duman, Tuba. Time reference comprehension in Turkish Broca’s Aphasia: Does morphological complexity pose a problem?
4) O’Leary, Maura. A lack of embedded evidentiality.
5) Stockwell, Richard. Quotative dip in Kazan Tatar.
6) Sugar, Alexander. A restructuring analysis of Uyghur bleached V2 constructions.
7) Vaxman, Alexandre. Accounting for dominance in Uzbek: a scale-based approach
8) Zhou, Chen; Vogel, Irene. High vowel reduction/deletion in Uzbek