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Colloquium Talk – Amy Rose Deal

Dependent case by Agree: Ergative in Shawi (joint work with Emily Clem, UCSD)Ergative and accusative behave as dependent cases insofar as their appearance on a nominal depends on the presence of...

Colloquium Talk – Chris Kennedy: Pragmatic Indecision

Pragmatic Indecision Vague predicates are obligatorily tolerant (Wright 1973).  For example, the positive form gradable adjective ‘long’ cannot be used to draw a sharp distinction, even when the facts of...

Winter 2024 American Indian Seminar – TBA

2122 Campbell Hall

Meet Tuesdays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM on Zoom, but you can also hybridize with Professor Munro in person in the 2122A Conference Room each week - just bring your...