international graduate student policies

We do our best to facilitate equitable treatment across the graduate student population. Since university policy discriminates against international students (they are charged Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition and are not eligible for all of the UCLA-internal fellowships that domestic students are), we try our best to help.

  • all of our department-internal deadlines and requirements apply to all students equally
  • the Linguistics Department pays for NRT for international students for their first ten quarters, i.e. until they advance to candidacy (ATC)
  • once an international student advances to candidacy (ATCs), UCLA waives their NRT for a maximum of nine quarters (in the case of normal progress, until the end of a student’s sixth year)
  • in an attempt to make up for the fact that international students are not eligible for the Graduate Research Mentorship program, we instituted the following incentive system for international graduate students:
  • international students for whom the department pays NRT shall have the option of ATCing early, in return for non-TA support
  • such a student who advances by the end of the Spring quarter of their third year (note: must be during spring quarter, NOT during the following summer) will receive one non-TA quarter in year 4
  • such a student who advances by the end of the Winter quarter of their third year will receive two non-TA quarters in year 4