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SynSem 11/16 – Hilda Koopman

Published: November 14, 2012

**Please note! Since there is no colloquium, this Friday’s SynSem seminar will exceptionally meet from 11-1 in the conference room. ** Hilda Koopman will be presenting a (pre)practice talk for a keynote address (RALFe, Paris, November 28). Speaker: Hilda Koopman Date/Time: Friday, November 16, 11-1pm Location: Campbell 2122 Title: The dance of subjects and objects,…

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SynSem 11/09 – Victoria Mateu-Martin, Jos Tellings, Cansada Martin, and Lauren Winans

Published: November 6, 2012

Please join us for Friday’s SynSem Binding MiniFest. Speaker: See below Date/Time: Friday, November 9, 2-5pm Location: Campbell 2122 Title: See below Contact: Hilda Koopman Jos Tellings  “Dutch intensifier zelf and helemaal modification”. Victoria Mateu  “The Clitic Binding Restriction Revisited: Evidence of Antilogophoricity in Spanish” Sadie Martin “That’s a problem: notes on binding of demonstrative…

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AIS 11/06 – WH-Question Fest

Published: November 6, 2012

From Pam Munro: WH Question Fest.  Please bring in an interesting tidbit about any aspect of WHQ in any language.  Bring a handout and plan to talk for 5-15 minutes (depending on how many others want to present).  Of course, if you dont’ have anything to present, please come anyway…but I know most of you…

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Published: November 2, 2012

The annual Boston University Conference on Language Development will take place this weekend in Boston. UCLA faculty and graduate students will be presenting two talks there. Jessica Rett, Nina Hyams & Lauren Winans, The effects of syntax on the acquisition of evidentiality Jamie White & Megha Sundara, Infant biases in the learning of phonological alternations  

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