Recent Work


Syntax and Morphology


My 1997 MIT Ph.D. dissertation, “INFL in child and adult language: Agreement, case and licensing,” is distributed in hardcopy by MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. Alternatively, you can download it as a PDF file (1.4 MB). (This electronic version fixes several typos and has more complete versions of a couple of references, while preserving the original pagination.)

Please note that several sections of the dissertation have been further developed and/or superseded by subsequent work. In particular,

  • much of sections 2.6 and 3.2.2 became the Syntax paper listed above;
  • section 3.2.1 was incorporated into the 2001 JCL paper listed above;
  • an analysis of some of the unexplained facts in section 4.1.1 is proposed in the Festschrift paper listed above;
  • section 4.1.6 was refined and extended into the LI paper listed above;
  • appendix 4.A evolved into the Linguistic Review article listed above;
  • section 5.2.1 was partly pursued in the Nordlyd paper listed above, and in the Corver and van Riemsdijk volume cited above;
  • section was superseded by the co-authored Language Acquisition article listed above;
    [Please do not use data from section of the dissertation.]
  • sections and 5.5.2 were pursued and reported on in Schütze and Wexler 2000 (see above).

Teaching Materials

Here are my errata and misc. comments for the three textbooks I regularly use. Feel free to help me make them more complete.

Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction, 7th US edition (and the accompanying Study Guide). By W. O’Grady, J. Archibald, M. Aronoff & J. Rees-Miller (eds.). 2017, Bedford/St. Martin’s. [Updated 10/21]

Syntax: A Generative Introduction, 3rd edition (and the accompanying Workbook). By Andrew Carnie. 2013, Wiley-Blackwell. [Updated 10/21]

An Introduction to Syntactic Analysis and Theory. By Dominique Sportiche, Hilda Koopman & Edward Stabler. 2014, Wiley-Blackwell. [Updated 10/21]