Proceedings Information

WCCFL 36 Proceedings

The Proceedings of the 36th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 36) at UCLA will be published by Cascadilla Proceedings Project.


All talks are eligible for publication in the Proceedings.

For poster presentations, your eligibility was communicated to you in your conference acceptance email.

Submission requirements

Authors must submit three things: (i) a complete paper; (ii) an abstract; and (iii) a publication rights form signed by every author.


Sunday 10 June 2018


Please include the following information in your email:

  • Author name(s)
  • Paper title
  • Affiliation(s)
  1. A complete paper
  • If you use a special phonetic font for IPA symbols, please use it only for IPA, and not for glosses, translations, or other things that may be in numbered examples.
    • If we find any formatting problems, we will ask you to fix them and send us a revised PDF file.
  1. An abstract
  • Format: Word, LaTeX, or other word processor files (not PDF for abstracts).
  • The abstract must be in a separate file, not at the start of the paper.  The abstract must be a single paragraph, in Times or Times New Roman with no formatting other than italics.
  • Abstracts will appear with a link to your paper on Cascadilla’s website; they will not be included in the published paper.
  1. Publication rights form
  • Every author and co-author must sign a publication rights form.
    • If any author has not provided a signed rights form, the paper cannot be published.
    • Co-authors can sign a single form, or separate forms if necessary.
    • Faxed copies and electronic signatures are not acceptable.
  • At the conference
    • Complete and sign the rights form included in your conference packet and deposit it in the box at the registration table.
  • By mail
    • Alternatively, print out the publication rights form from:

    • Mail your completed and signed rights form to:

Richard Stockwell
UCLA Department of Linguistics
3125 Campbell Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Page limits

Page limits (including references) for WCCFL 36 are:

  • Poster: 6 pages
  • Talk: 10 pages
  • Plenary: 20 pages


In accordance with Cascadilla’s policies for conference proceedings, the editors will check for formatting errors only – papers will not be proofread or copy edited.

If your paper does not conform to the style and formatting requirements, we will ask you to make changes and submit a new PDF file.  Expect to hear from us in the first instance by the end of June.

The style sheet and submission timeline are set by the publishers and will be strictly enforced.  Papers received after the deadline may be rejected.

To finalise your submission, you will need to mail a checked and signed final printout of your PDF to the above address.

On behalf of the conference organisers and the Proceedings editors, with thanks for your participation in WCCFL 36,

Richard Stockwell