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8:00 Breakfast and Registration: Bruin Reception Room 2nd floor Ackerman Union
8:55 Opening Remarks
Session I – chair: Anoop Mahajan
Bruin Reception Room
Session II – chair: Philip Duncan
Viewpoint Conference Room
9:00 Zeljko Boskovic “On the Coordinate Structure Constraint and Labeling Jyoti Iyer “Bare singulars can object shift or pseudo-incorporate but not both
9:30 Leland Kusmer “Extraction from coordination in Khoekhoegowab Irina Burukina & Filiberto Patal Majzul “Reflexive functional head, verbal and nominal predicates
10:00 Sampson Korsah & Andrew Murphy “Islands and resumption in Asante Twi Usama Soltan “On the syntax of comparative correlatives: Evidence from Egyptian Arabic
10:30 BREAK
Session III – chair: David Goldstein
Bruin Reception Room
Session IV – chair: Maria Luisa Zubizarreta
Viewpoint Conference Room
11:00 Brian Hsu & Saurov Syed “Variation in the co-occurrence of indexical elements: Evidence for split indexical projections in DPs Deniz Ozyildiz, Travis Major and Emar Maier “Communicative reception reports as hear-say: Evidence from indexical shift in Turkish
11:30 Omer Demirok “Events are Entities: Evidence from Turkish Nominalizations
12:00 LUNCH (on your own)
COSWL pop-up mentoring session – Viewpoint Conference Room
13:30 PLENARY I: Vincent Homer “That’s allchair: Dominique Sportiche
Bruin Reception Room
Session V – chair: Jesse Harris
Bruin Reception Room
Session VI – chair: Jessica Rett
Viewpoint Conference Room
14:30 Rebecca Tollan & Daphna Heller “Case, transitivity, and subject-object asymmetries in wh-question processing Rebekah Baglini “Adjective Specific Intensification in Wolof
15:00 Dustin Chacon “How to Make a Pronoun Resumptive Ora Matushansky & Joost Zwarts “Tops and bottoms: axial nouns as kinds
15:30 BREAK
15:45-17:15 Posters in Bruin Reception Room– see below schedule for poster lists
17:30-19:00 Space reserved for drinks at Barney’s Beanery


8:00 Breakfast – Bruin Reception Room 2nd floor Ackerman Union
Session I – chair: Rachel Walker
Viewpoint Conference Room
Session II – chair: Vincent Homer
Bruin Reception Room
9:00 Canaan Breiss “Modeling the impact of phonological markedness on sentence-construction: evidence from Tagalog and Korean Jon Ander Mendia, Ethan Poole, & Brian Dillon “Spurious NPI licensing is covert licensing
9:30 Brian Hsu “Scalar constraints and gradient symbolic representations generate exceptional prosodification effects without exceptional prosody Matteo Paolo Greco “A twofold classification of expletive negation
10:00 Anne Pycha & Georgia Zellou “What do listeners do with co-articulatory information? The “Use it or Lose it” problem Kenyon Branan & Abdul-Razak Sulemana “Covert movement licenses parasitic gaps
10:30 BREAK
Session III – chair: Kie Zuraw
Viewpoint Conference Room
Session IV – chair: Satoshi Tomioka
Bruin Reception Room
11:00 Florian Lionnet “The colon as a separate prosodic category: Evidence from downstep in Paici and Xaracuu Matthew Barros & Hadas Kotek “Some Issues with Sluicing as Anaphora to Issues
11:30 Laura McPherson “Complexity, naturalness, and explanatory power: the case of Seenku argument-head tone sandhi Karoliina Lohiniva & Anne Vainikka “Circumventing Shortest with the additive -kin in Finnish binary wh- questions
12:00 Lena Borise “Pretonic prominence in the Auciuki dialect of Belarusian John Gluckman “The Natural Class of Tough-Predicates and Non-finite Clauses
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 PLENARY II: Jie Zhang
Speakers treat transparent and opaque alternation patterns differently – Evidence from Chinese tone sandhi
” –chair: Bruce Hayes
Bruin Reception Room
Session V – chair: Dylan Bumford
Viewpoint Conference Room
Session VI – chair: Ivy Sichel
Bruin Reception Room
15:00 Methieu Paille & Bernhard Schwarz “Knowing whether and ignorance inferences Matthew Tyler and Michelle Yuan “Nominal-clitic case mismatches
15:30 BREAK
15:45-17:15 Posters in Bruin Reception Room – see below schedule for poster lists
18:00 BANQUET –  Royce Hall 314


8:30 Breakfast in Bruin Reception Room
9:30 PLENARY III: Ivy Sichel Appraisal and Alternativeschair: Timothy Stowell
Bruin Reception Room
10:30 BREAK
Session I – chair: Yael Sharvit
Bruin Reception Room 
Session II – chair: Aron Hirsch
Viewpoint Conference Room
11:00 Mike Berger “Indonesian Crossed Control: Expanding the typology of Restructuring Colin Davis “The Syntax of Stranding at Edges
11:30 Irina Burukina “Desiderative object control verbs: hidden modals and raising Tomoko Ishizuka & Jieun Kim “What does a verb-sensitive approach to Japanese ditransitive constructions tell us?
12:00 Conference Ends

Friday Posters

1 Rodica Ivan & Brian Dillon When NPI illusions fail: the case of strict NPIs and neg-words in Romanian
2 Gesoel Mendes Verb-echo answers
3 Peter Alrenga A single ‘single’: From emphasis to exclusivity
4 Quinn Harr Reporting Modal Beliefs
5 Rong Yin and Jeremy Hartman Perspectives under Ellipsis
6 Renato Lacerda The syntax of contrastive topic-focus association in the middle field of Brazilian Portuguese
7 Richard Compton Spurious Person-Case Constraints: Evidence from Inuktitut
8 Semoon Hoe, Dongwoo Park, Han-Byul Chung How does head movement affect ellipsis and extraction?
9 Ryan Walter Smith, Rana Nabors, Roya Kabiri, Simin Karimi, & Heidi Harley The (un)availability of idiomatic interpretations in Persian light verb stranding ellipses
10 Aron Hirsch Epistemically-sensitive ‘only’
11 Schuyler Laparle Just and scale structure
12 Seid Tvica The Rich Agreement Hypothesis from a Typological Perspective
13 Stavroula Alexandropoulou Speaker indifference effects of modified numerals as Quantity implicatures
14 Thuy Bui Aspectual Asymmetry: The Vietnamese (Im)Perfectivity
15 Yosho Miyata XP-sika NCIs in Fragment Answers in Japanese and D-Linking
16 Akihiko Arano, Hiromune Oda The A-/A’- distinction in scrambling revisited
17 Deborah Jia Ming Wong A Wh-in situ Account for Island Insensitivity in Malay Sluicing
18 Paloma Jeretic Structured Questions
19 Ekaterina Vostrikova Deriving the exceptive-additive ambiguity
20 Chiara Dal Farra Variability in adjunct islands
21 Cristina Guardiano, Dimitris Michelioudakis, Nina Radkevich On the quasi-adjectival morphosyntax of demonstratives
22 Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal & Nora Boneh Sufficient and necessary conditions for a non-unified analysis of causation
23 Leyla Zidani-Eroglu Turkish Sluicing or Stripping? Why not both?
24 Maayan Abenina-Adar Surprising
25 Marcin Dadan Loss of Movement and Labeling:grammatical pressure and diachronic change
26 Philip Duncan Unaccusative structures and verbal suppletion in Meꞌphaa

Saturday Posters

1 Guilherme D. Garcia and Heather Goad Can you have stress without feet?
2 Jeffrey Lamontagne Acoustic Evidence of Phonemicization: Laxing Coarticulation in Canadian French
3 Anne Pycha and Sharon Inkelas The strength and weakness of consonant representations: Evidence from phoneme restoration
4 Eleanor Glewwe, Jesse Zymet, Jacob Adams, Rachel Jacobson, Anthony Yates, Ann Zeng and Robert Daland Substantive bias and the acquisition of final (de)voicing patterns
5 Jesse Zymet Morpheme-specific propensities to trigger or undergo variable phonological processes: evidence from corpus and experimental investigations
6 Michael Grosvald, Sarah Ahmed Long-distance vowel-to-vowel coarticulation in Arabic: Influences of intervening consonant pharyngealization and length
7 Andrew Lamont Precedence is pathological: The problem of alphabetical sorting
8 Juliet Stanton Phonetic lapse in American English -ative
9 Quinn Harr and Alexander Williams Epistemic Uses of “Likely” and “Might” Are Only Indirectly So
10 Michael Grosvald, Ali Idrissi, Leen Hasso, Sarah Al-Alami Vowel diacritics and orthographic ambiguity in Arabic word reading
11 M. Pilar Colomina and Lorena Castillo A labeling theory approach to subject positions for causative structures
12 Rodica Ivan No interpreted features? No Principle B!
13 Sandhya Sundaresan Unequal anaphors in an enriched Person system
14 Alba Cerrudo Weak vs Strong Assertive Verbs:Differences at the vP and the CP level
15 Alexander Göbel Additives in ‘but’-clauses: ‘also’ as the Negation of EXH
16 Andreas Trotzke Approaching the pragmatics of exclamations experimentally
17 Danfeng Wu English expletives “there” and “it” originate low: Evidence from ellipsis
18 Emily Clem & Virginia Dawson The emergence of case matching in discontinuous DPs
19 Richard Faure Raising-to-objet in Classical Greek
20 Hiroaki Saito, Jayeon Park and Marcin Dadan Which wh can percolate wh-feature and what?: On the highest wh in multiple wh-questions
21 Jake W. Vincent Stranding in Chamorro internally headed relative clauses
22 Kenyon Branan, Colin Davis Edges and Unlocking: Evidence from Chichewa
23 Ksenia Ershova Anaphor Binding and Syntactic Ergativity in West Circassian
24 Matthew Tyler Thematic and athematic external possession in Choctaw
26 Einar Freyr Sigurðsson and Milena Sereikaite The dual face of dependent case: On Lithuanian genitive of negation
27 Morgan Rood A Morphomic Analysis of Mehri Diminutives
28 Satoshi Tomioka Contrastiveness and Embedded Implicature
29 Andrew McKenzie The role of semantics in licensing English synthetic compounds
30 Thomas Grano Choice Functions in Intensional Contexts: Rehabilitating Bäuerle’s Challenge to the Scope Theory of Intensionality

Note from the Program Committee

The Program Committee received 326 abstracts and accepted 35 for talk presentation, 19 for published poster presentation (paper to appear in Proceedings), and 48 for unpublished poster presentation. The Committee employed the rank order of the confidence-weighted external evaluation scores as the basis for accepting papers and posters. We would like to thank the 245 external reviewers for their essential contribution.

— Maura O’Leary, Travis Major, Richard Stockwell, Bruce Hayes, and Harold Torrence, Program Committee.