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Talk with Colloquium speaker: Bob Frank

Conference Room 2122A/B

All members of the Linguistics Department are invited to a bonus talk with Bob Frank about the "Ways of using generative capacity and other formal properties of grammars to assess different varieties of neural networks."

Psycholinguistics Seminar

Conference Room 2122A/B

Psycholing/ Compling Seminar: -Discuss colloquium speaker nominations -Plan schedule for quarter

Psycholing/ Compling Seminar: Jesse Harris practice talk “Let alone ellipsis and the case for enduring default focus: A pupillometry study”

Campbhell Hall 2122

In let alone ellipsis, the remnant typically stands in prosodic contrast with its correlate (e.g., John can’t run a MILE, let alone a MARATHON). To interpret the remnant (a marathon), the processor must locate the contrasting correlate phrase (a mile) in the prior clause from among other same-category competitors. Experimental and corpus research finds that the...

Psycholing/ Compling Seminar: Claire-Moore Cantwell: Gambler’s Fallacy effects in probabilistic wug-test responses

Campbell Hall 2122

Abstract: Participants exhibit the 'gambler's fallacy' in wug-test responses, adjusting their probability of a response based on previous responses. In particular, they avoid giving the same response three times in a row. This effect was strongest when two options were explicitly presented (a 2-alternative forced choice task), and weaker when participants were simply asked to...

Psycholing/ Compling Seminar: Lindy Comstock (Dept. of Neurosurgery)- Developing the auditory oddball paradigm as a tool for language mapping

Campbell Hall 2122

Successful language development after cerebral hemispherectomy is a vital concern for the well-being of children affected by intractable seizure disorders. Yet, this area of research is underrepresented in the literature, with only a handful of neuroimaging studies devoted to the reorganization of language areas after hemispherectomy. The goal of this project is to provide clinicians...

Psycholing/ Compling Seminar- Bethany Sturmann: Subclausal quotation intonation and what it means

Campbell Hall 2122

Subclausal quotation provides an interesting use case for the integration of intonation into the semantic analysis of an utterance. In this talk I will present the key intonational features of subclausal quotation based on a corpus study, as well as highlight ways in which quotation intonation expands our understanding of intonational theory. I will then...