Financial Incentives For Fellowship Applications

The Linguistics Department offers its graduate students a minor financial incentive to apply for fellowships. The incentive consists of small department fellowship increases for people who apply and don’t get the fellowship they apply for. The idea is that even if you don’t get your fellowship, then at least you are “paid” in part for the hours of hard work you had to put in on the application.


a) The fellowship must be one that pays at least $8,000 in stipend. Examples: NSF, Javits, UCLA Research Mentorship, Title VI, Mandel, UCLA ethnic studies centers fellowships, AAUW Dissertation Fellowships. Not included are UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowships, for which application is already mandatory.

b) Incentive payment is $100, covering all fellowships you apply for in a given academic year, and payable if you get none.

c) Payment will probably occur during Spring Quarter, which is when we have the money; and in cases of real financial trouble, payment may be delayed to the following Fall.

d) To be eligible, you must show a copy of the application to the Director of Graduate Studies at least five working days before you send it off (nonfinal drafts ok), so that she/he can make suggestions. Alternatively, a note from another faculty member saying they have gone over the application will suffice.