The Graduate Certificate in Linguistics

The Linguistics Department offers a certificate to UCLA graduate students enrolled in other graduate programs, whose purpose is to attest to their having successfully completed a set of key core linguistic courses at the graduate level.  The Certificate is itself informal, consisting of a letter from the department’s Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The course requirements for the certificate were established in 2009 by vote of the Linguistics faculty.

There are six required courses for the certificate, given in the following:

Graduate Certificate in Linguistics


  • 200A Phonological Theory I
  • 201A Phonological Theory II
  • 200B Syntactic Theory I

Plus one of:

  • 200C Semantic Theory I
  • 201B Syntactic Theory II


  • 2 electives, which may be any graduate courses in Linguistics

The courses must be taken for four units.

If, having taken the required courses, you wish to apply for the Graduate Certificate, please contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officer, who will check your transcript, then ask the Director of Graduate Studies to approve and issue the certificate.

If you wish to propose minor changes in the list of courses required for your own certificate, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, preferably in advance of enrollment.