Visiting/Exchange Students

The Linguistics Department happily welcomes, on a limited basis, visiting graduate students from other institutions (US as well as foreign).

Visiting students have access to many of the departmental facilities available to our regular students. They may attend various courses/seminars offered in the department during their visit. Depending on the type of visit and length of stay, they might also have access to general university facilities, including the library and the campus recreation center. We also have lounge space within the department that visiting students are welcome to use.

Visiting students should keep in mind that there may be campus fees and/or course fees (if the visiting student wishes to enroll in a course for academic credit) associated with visiting UCLA; the International Education Office’s website should be consulted for the most up-to-date information about these costs. The Linguistics Department does not provide financial support for visiting/exchange students.

Since the department can only accommodate a limited number of visiting students at a time, we must review the qualifications, background, and proposed research to be conducted before approving the student visit.

Applying to Visit the Linguistics Department

Established programs exist for students to formally visit UCLA (see below). If these options do not exist at your university, or if your scheduling requirements are different from those specified in these established programs, you might still be able to visit our department.

Please contact our Graduate Student Affairs Officer with the following information at least six months prior to your proposed visit:

(1) Your Name

(2) Current university and program of study

(3) Research interests

(4) The faculty member(s) you would want to work with while at UCLA, and proposed research to be conducted. (Please indicate one faculty member you’d wish to be your main faculty sponsor during your visit.)

(5) Proposed dates of visit

(6) A copy of your CV

(7) The name and email of a faculty member you work closely with (for example, your advisor) at your home institution

Our Graduate Student Affairs Officer will discuss your plans with the department’s visitors committee, and will then contact you with suggested next steps if your visit is approved.

Graduate Exchange through the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP)

The Education Abroad Program (EAP) is a University of California-sponsored exchange program through which students from selected partner universities may enroll at any of the ten UC campuses for a period of up to one academic year on a no-fee-exchange, non-degree basis. Students interested in this opportunity should contact their University’s International or Study Abroad Office for help with additional information and application procedures, including relevant deadlines.

Other Established Exchange Programs

If you do not attend a university that has an agreement with EAP, you might speak to your university’s study abroad office about other options. UCLA’s Extension Program offers short term study options, as does UCLA Summer Sessions for the summer term.

Students might also consider formally applying to UCLA for admission to a graduate program.



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