Graduate Student Summer Education Funding

The Linguistics Department is currently able to fund attendance at a summer school/summer institute or for summer fieldwork for Ph.D. students, up to the amount of $2000.


  1. This funding is independent of your annual conference travel allowance.
  2. You will be funded (up to the $2000 limit) for one summer school/institute or one summer of fieldwork for the entirety of your graduate student career. This includes costs for fees, travel fare, lodging & food.
  3. The eligibility period begins the summer preceding your 2nd year (your MA year) through the summer preceding your 5th year. (For budgeting purposes we must follow the fiscal, not academic year which begins in July.)
  4. This funding is available only to students in good standing (satisfactory time to degree progress). This means, among other things, that you will not be eligible for funding at the end of your second year (MA year) if you have not submitted your MA paper to the department.
  5. Funding is subject to the annual departmental budget (viz., we cannot fund 30 summer education applications in one year.)
  6. You will need a faculty advisor to approve and support the application.
  7. It is strongly recommended that you apply for funding that the Division of Graduate Education makes available for the summer sessions prior to applying for Department funds and provide evidence that you applied.
  8. The deadline to apply to this program is the close of business on June 1 (or the last business day before June 1 when June 1 falls on a weekend). The Department will be unable to fund applications submitted after this deadline.
  9. The Division of Graduate Education’s policy requires that travel reimbursement be made during the same fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) the trip occurred.
  10. The Department will not approve retroactive travel funding requests.
  11. We strongly encourage you to purchase the lowest fares possible. Only economy class is reimbursable. This will allow us to fund more travel reimbursement requests.
  12. For summer, students must be enrolled in the preceding spring quarter.
  13. In general, queries about summer education funding and travel policies should be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies, with CC to the Graduate SAO. Procedural queries should be directed to the Graduate SAO.

The application form is given below. Please consult with your advisor before making any decisions.

Please note that reimbursement cannot be processed until after you return, per UCLA Travel Accounting policy.

Reimbursable Expenses 

The following items are considered allowable expenses for reimbursement:

  1. Summer School Registration
  2. Airfare (Economy/Coach class only)
  3. Domestic Lodging*: University max $275/night
  4. Domestic Meals*: University max $79/day (no alcohol)
  5. Transportation

* Foreign Meals and Lodging per diem maximums are set per location/country and can be found here.

Reimbursement Procedure

In the application below, please provide a proposed budget for your trip. Keep in mind to stay within all travel limits listed above.

Once you have returned from travel, submit your receipts and documents to the Graduate SAO. Receipts MUST be submitted within two weeks of the conclusion of your trip.

Caution:  If you submit your receipts more than two weeks after the conclusion of your trip, it may be impossible for the Department to reimburse your travel.

If receipts do not clearly state the amount paid and method of payment (i.e. the last four digits of your credit card), then a credit card/bank statement listing the charge is also required. Such statements should be redacted of all personally identifiable information with the exception of the account holder’s name, statement date, and the charge(s) in question.

Submit the relevant documents below:

  1. For applications for Summer School:
    1. Summer School program which includes your name and presentation details.
    2. Summer School registration fee receipt.
  2. Lodging receipts: The maximum that UCLA will reimburse for domestic lodging is $275/night. Must be itemized with amount and method of payment indicated. Lodging expenses that include personal expenses (i.e., room service and entertainment) will not be reimbursed.
  3. Meal receipts: The maximum that UCLA will reimburse for domestic meals is $79/day. Receipts must be itemized with amount and method of payment indicated. Alcohol is not reimbursable.
  4. Foreign Meals and Lodging: Foreign per diem maximums are set per location and can be found here. Receipts must follow the same requirements as domestic lodging and meals (see #3-4).
  5. Transportation receipts: Receipts must be itemized with amount and method of payment indicated.
  6. Arline tickets: Receipts must include your name, flight itinerary, airfare amount, method of payment/billing information, and class of travel (economy class only).
    • For paper airline tickets, submit the ORIGINAL airline passenger receipt (last page in your paper ticket stub).
    • For electronic airline tickets, submit either the email e-ticket receipt or the e-ticket receipt printed from the airline website.
    • UCLA charges a mandatory carbon mitigation fee on all airfare paid by or reimbursed by the University. The fees are $9 for domestic and $25 for international. This fee will be included as part of your grant (the Department cannot cover this fee in addition to the grant) and is reimbursed directly to the University.

Please note that UCLA will not reimburse travel packages (i.e., package deals of airfare and hotel, airfare and car, etc.). You must purchase these expenses separately to be reimbursed.