Ladefoged Scholarship Awards

Funding is approved by the Student Research Support Committee.

Ladefoged Scholarship Awards are made from the fund established in memory of Peter Ladefoged. These awards go to graduate students in the Linguistics Department to offset the expenses of student research projects, including for language consultants or experimental subjects if departmental Student Research Support funds are not available. For example, awards can be used for expenses related to carrying out laboratory experiments or for linguistic fieldwork, such as transportation, development of stimuli, or recruitment, not available from other sources. Funding may also be requested for undergraduate research assistants when their role is essential to the project. For example, awards can be used to pay native speakers for help with stimulus preparation or coding. These awards are not intended to replace existing funding mechanisms inside or outside the department. The research supported must be the graduate student’s own research, with a preference for dissertation-related research; faculty research projects cannot be supported in this way.

The maximum award per student will be $1500, but awards are generally expected to be less, and applications for much smaller awards are encouraged. A student may receive multiple awards over time.

The typical maximum total number of awards made per fiscal year will be 4.

For more information about the awards, including previous winners, please consult the public page for the Scholarship. Recipients of Ladefoged Scholarship Awards will be REQUIRED to contribute a blurb about their research and an accompanying photo for the public page. These webpages are an important way to solicit further donations to the Fund, without which the award program will quickly come to an end.

Application information

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

An application consists of:

(1) submit a two-page statement, which should include a Project Description, a Budget, and a Budget Justification (please submit these to the SAO via email); and

(2) a letter of recommendation from the faculty supervisor of the proposed project (please ask your supervisor to give this directly to the SAO).

Applications will be reviewed by the Department’s Student Research Support committee. Students will be notified within two weeks of the application deadlines.

Please note that if your research requires subjects or consultants, you will need to have your plans approved by the Office for the Protections of Research Subjects, regardless of which department fund is supporting you.