Study List

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Currently Linguistics Department policy (voted Winter 1999) states the following:

“To remain in good standing, students must discuss their course requirements with their adviser and submit a department-supplied form, stating that this has been done. The form must be signed by their adviser and submitted to a designated member of the department staff.”

Note that if your adviser is not available for discussion and signing, alternatives are provided; see the study list itself for details. The idea behind the policy is to improve the level of student advising, by making sure everybody is conferring with their adviser at least once a quarter (actually, it is better to meet with your adviser quite a bit more often than this, but at least this sets a minimum).

The form is due in Student Affairs Officer’s hands (or mailbox) by Friday of the second week of each quarter.

If you have questions about study lists, feel free to ask the department’s Student Affairs Officer or the Director of Graduate Studies.