Department Reading Room

The Reading Room houses the departmental collection of books, journals and manuscripts. It is open to students and faculty of the department. The collection was begun by the Graduate Linguistics Circle as its first project in 1962; additions have been made (and continue to be made) every year.  In addition to books and journals, the reading room also houses copies of Linguistics Department Ph.D. dissertations and M.A. theses.  Linguistics instructors also frequently put class readings on reserve in the Reading Room.

The Reading Room is administered by a Linguistics Department committee.

Funds for the purchase of books and journals for the Reading Room come out of the regular departmental budget. The University does not provide any extra funds for this purpose. The need to purchase replacements when books are removed and not returned (lost or stolen) diminishes our ability to make additions to the library.  Please return all books and urge fellow faculty and students to do likewise.