Graduate Linguistics Circle

The Graduate Linguistics Circle (GLC) is a registered UCLA student organization. The purpose of the GLC is to provide a forum for the organized discussion and representation of graduate student opinions on any matter affecting the UCLA Linguistics department, and to provide a means whereby students can elect representatives to attend faculty meetings and serve on student-faculty committees. In addition, the GLC also serves as a forum for social and scholarly events. Full voting membership in the GLC is open to all students in the graduate linguistics program. The GLC generally meets once a quarter. We strongly encourage all students to attend these meetings and to become involved in departmental activities and concerns.

Executive Committee

The GLC Executive Committee is comprised of a President, Vice-President, and Secretary. Members of this committee serve as the official representatives of the GLC at faculty meetings. In this capacity, their primary responsibility is to voice student concerns and represent student interests. The President is elected in the Spring quarter for the following year; other members of the Executive Committee are elected at the first GLC meeting of the Fall quarter. The duties of each position are outlined below:

President: conducts GLC meetings and manages GLC business between meetings.

Vice-President: provides assistance and advice to the President, and conducts GLC meetings in the President’s absence.

Secretary: takes minutes at the GLC meetings and coordinates publicity of GLC functions, including meeting announcements.

Campus Representative

The GSA Representative represents the GLC at meetings of the Graduate Student Association, the campus-wide graduate student organization. Primary responsibilities of the GSA Representative include presenting requests for funds from the GSA.

Departmental Representatives

Departmental policies are made by the faculty in cooperation with the graduate student body. Accordingly, student representatives are elected at the beginning of each academic year to the various departmental committees. Student input is taken very seriously by the faculty, and participation in committee work is important and rewarding. The departmental committees are listed below, with a summary of the responsibilities of their members:

Admissions: Department Chair and at least 2 faculty; 2 advanced students. Evaluates applications for admission and support for new students.

Colloquium: 2 students, 1 faculty; committee is constituted in Spring Quarter in order to begin plans for the next Academic Year. Solicits requests for speakers. Contacts potential speakers and arranges for their visits. Keeps track of invited speaker budget. Circulates quarterly lists of Colloquium speakers, updates on Colloquia during the quarter, and announcements for individual Colloquia. Maintains contact with invited speakers in order to solicit abstracts of talks for circulation at the appropriate time, and apprises speakers of time, place, etc. for their talks. Makes arrangements for social activities associated with the Colloquium, e.g., a social hour afterward.

Computer Lab: 1 faculty, Computer RA. Advises Chair on acquisition, disposition, and maintenance of computer equipment. Determines policies on access to departmental computers. Monitors computer supplies and advises office when purchases are required. Plans the computer orientation portion of Linguistics 411 for new students.

Publications: 2 faculty, students. Responsible for preparing, publishing, advertising, and distributing UCLA Linguistics Department publications, including working papers and the dissertation series.

Reading Room: 1 faculty, students. Determines reading room policy (monitoring, keys, stacks, check-out). Orders books and periodicals. Maintains records of orders and acquisitions. Makes recommendations on linguistic acquisitions to Young Research Library.

Teaching Evaluation: 3 faculty, students. Prepares summary teaching evaluations and presents them for personnel discussions at faculty and Merit Review Committee meetings. Maintains computerized course-and-instructor evaluation records. Nominates and documents accomplishments of candidates for Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished TA Awards.

Visiting scholars & students/Desk Czar: 1 faculty, 1 student. Answers requests from potential visitors. Assigns desks to current students and all visitors.

GLC Presidents

63-64   Vicki Fromkin 
64-65   Charles Bird
65-66   Jeanette Johnson
66-67   Terry Moore
67-68   Peter Menzel
68-69   John Ohala
69-70   Richard Ogle

70-71   Mona Lindau
71-72   Leon Jacobson
72-73   Laura Meyers
73-74   Heather Hardy
74-75   Marina MacIntyre
75-76   Wendy Wilkins
76-77   Sharon Klein
77-78   Marian Bean
78-79   Sandy Disner
79-80   Tracy Thomas-Flinders

80-81   Joelle Bailard/Sharon Hargus
81-82   Janine Scancarelli
82-83   Geoff Lindsey
83-84   Susanna Cumming
84-85   Marie Huffman
85-86   Karen Emmorey
86-87   Stephan Schuetze-Coburn
87-88   Harold Crook
88-89   Chris Golston
89-90   John Choi

90-91   Abby Kaun
91-92   Cynthia Walker/Dani Byrd
92-93   Michael Shalev
93-94   Jeannette Schaeffer
94-95   Chai-Shune Hsu
95-96   Matt Pearson
96-97   Joe Buffington
97-98   Sean Fulop
98-99   Temmi Szalai/John Foreman
99-00   John Foreman

00-01   John Foreman
01-02   Harold Torrence
02-03   Erik Jackson
03-04   Marcus Smith
04-05   Greg Kobele
05-06   Shabnam Shademan
06-07   Asia Furmanska
07-08   Chad Vicenik
08-09   Robyn Orfitelli
09-10   Craig Sailor

10-11   Marc Garellek
11-12   Laura Kalin
12-13   Dustin Bowers