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UCLA at the 27th Manchester Phonology Meeting

Published: May 25, 2019

There was a good showing of UCLA students and alumni presenting talks and posters at the 27th Manchester Phonology Meeting (mfm) in Manchester, UK. From left to right: Adam Albright (PhD 2002; Professor at MIT), Connor Mayer (3rd year PhD Candidate), Adam Chong (PhD 2017; Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London), Boer Fu (B.A. 2017; 2nd year PhD student at MIT), Margit Bowler (PhD 2018; Postdoc at the University of Manchester), Jesse Zymet (PhD 2018; Lecturer at UC Berkeley), and Tony Yates (PhD 2018 in Indo-European Studies; Lecturer in Indo-European Studies at UCLA). You can find out all about their presentations in the mfm abstracts booklet.