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UCLA Linguists at European Summer Schools

Published: October 11, 2018

UCLA linguists were represented at two Linguistics summer schools held in Europe this summer. 

Tim Stowell co-taught a course on Ellipsis with Jim McCloskey (UCSC) at the 2nd Crete Summer School in Linguistics, held at the Universityof Crete at Rethymno from July 16-27. There were 22 faculty members from universities in the US, Canada, and Europe, and approximately 200 enrolled students. UCLA alums on the faculty included Adam Albright (Ph.D. 2002), and former faculty member Donca Steriade. Richard Stockwell and Nikos Angelopoulos also attended the summer school and sat in on several classes. This was a return visit for Tim and Richard, who were in Crete last year for the first Crete Summer School. 

Hilda Koopman and Tim Stowell both taught courses at the Göttingen Summer School in Germany, which ran from July 30 to August 10. This summer school was organized around the theme of form-meaning mismatches in natural language. Hilda’s course was entitled “The view from syntax,” while Tim’s course was on “Form-meaning mismatches involving tense, aspect, and ellipsis.”