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In Memoriam: Paul Schachter

Published: December 3, 2012

A message from Department Chair, Anoop Mahajan:

Dear Faculty, Grad Students and Ling Staff,

I am sad to inform you that Paul Schachter passed away on Monday.  I just had a brief conversation with his step daughter and she told me that he passed away unexpectedly though peacefully.

Grad students and relatively new faculty – Paul was one of the earliest recipients PhD recipients in linguistics at UCLA (from even before the Ling dept officially came into existence).  He joined the UCLA Ling program as a faculty in the mid-sixties and served as a chair of the Ling department for several years.  He retired in the early nineties. We didn’t see much of Paul since his retirement though some of us (Ed K, Kie, Tom and me) saw him briefly a few weeks ago.