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New Space for Linguistics TA Meetings

Published: January 4, 2022

Fall 2021 was the first use of our new, completely renovated space for Linguistics TA meetings, Rolfe 1110. This space comprises 3 small rooms with doors and whiteboard walls (2 are shown below), and one larger area normally divided into two by a portable whiteboard. Because it’s directly under the Humanities Technology classroom, the Wi-Fi is great!

This renovation was made possible by funds from the late Prof. Paul Schachter’s legacy gift to the department, for which we are very grateful. A photo of Prof. Schachter will be hung in the room in his memory. Thanks also to Adam Royer and Z.L. Zhou, who represented the GLC in designing the space to suit the varying needs of the TAs for different courses.

Although classes are currently back on zoom, we hope that the room will see much use later this quarter.