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Phoneticians at Speech Prosody 2014 in Dublin

Published: May 19, 2014

The biannual Speech Prosody conference is taking place this week in Dublin, Ireland. UCLA phoneticians (current and former) will be well-represented!

Ann Bailey, Intonational Phonology of Cuban Spanish: A Preliminary AM Model

Sun-Ah Jun & Jason Bishop (Ph.D. 2013, currently at CUNY-SI), Implicit prosodic priming and autistic traits in relative clause attachment

Canan Ipek (USC) & Sun-Ah Jun, Distinguishing between Phrase-Final and Phrase-Medial High Tone on Finally Stressed Words in Turkish

Kristine M. Yu (Ph.D. 2011, currently at UMass), Sameer Ud Dowla Khan (Ph.D. 2008, currently at Reed) & Megha Sundara, Intonational Phonology in Bengali and English infant-directed speech

Page Piccinini (UCSD) & Marc Garellek (Ph.D. 2013, currently at UCSD), Prosodic Cues to Monolingual versus Code-switching Sentences in English and Spanish

Grace Kuo (Ph.D. 2012, currently at Macalester), Processing Prosodic Boundaries in Natural and Filtered Speech

Arvaniti, A., M. Baltazani (Ph.D. 2002) and S. Gryllia.  The pragmatic interpretation of intonation in Greek wh-questions