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Robert Daland in Journal of Child Language

Published: October 18, 2012

Robert Daland’s paper, “Variation in the input: a case study of manner class frequencies,” has appeared in the October Issue of Journal of Child Language.

Congratulations Robert!

In addition, Robert writes, on Open Access:

I believe that Open Access is the right way to go when possible. The federal and state governments have already paid for me to do the research. In the days before the Internet, when the only way to disseminate research was through paper journals, it made sense for readers to pay a modest fee to *access* the research — otherwise,
there was no way to pay for dissemination, including printing costs, the journal’s office costs, and editor time. Copyright and journal subscriptions existed primarily to ensure that university presses did not operate at a loss. However, now that we have the Internet as a means to disseminate research for free, copyright is being abused by
large publishing corporations, who often charge in excess of $30 to individual readers for access to a single article *whose research costs have already been paid*, and who force university libraries to buy access to journals they do not necessarily want by “bundling”. In other words, copyright is being abused to make the public pay a second
time for a public good. That is why I support Open Access publishing. Thank you, Cambridge Press, for allowing me this opportunity to publish Open Access!