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Summer Happenings III: Fieldwork

Published: October 2, 2014

A number of department members were out in the field this summer. Here are some field reports:

Sozen Ozkan writes:

This summer, I started working on Turoyo which is a North-western Neo-Aramaic language spoken in Tur-Abdin area of Mardin in Eastern Turkey. Ktobhonoyo is the written language of the Syriac community in Turkey and Turoyo still remains to be a spoken vernacular of the area with a population of 3000 speakers.  I was in contact with several native speakers and conducted elicitation sessions for six weeks. I gathered data mainly on the tense and agreement system of the language.

Ann Bailey collected data from bilinguals in Valencia, Spain and the Basque country.  Here are some of the picturesque views from the Basque country:

20140703_161200 basque1

Margit Bowler recently left for the field in Central Australia, where she’ll be continuing her work on Warlpiri in Yuendumu.