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UCLA at LabPhon16

Published: June 29, 2018

The department was well-represented at the Conference on Laboratory Phonology and one of its satellite Symposium meeting (organized by Sun-Ah Jun and ken de Jong) held at Lisbon, Portugal in June 19-22. 2018 (

Current and former department members (PhDs, postdocs, faculty, undergrads, visitors) with presentations at the conference included Mary Baltazani (PhD 2002), Taehong Cho (PhD 2001), Adam Chong (PhD 2017), Christina Esposito (PhD 2006), Matthew Faytak (Postdoc, starting in 2018 Fall), Cecile Fougeron (visiting student 1993-1996), Marc Garellek (PhD 2013), Eleanor Glewwe, Ken de Jong (postdoc 1991-93), Louis Goldstein (PhD 1977), Keith Johnson (post-doc and faculty 1990-92), Sahyang Kim (PhD 2004), Jianjing Kuang (PhD 2013), José Maria Lahoz-Bengoechea (visiting student), Isabelle Lin, Benjamin Munson (former MA student), Mira Oh (visiting scholar 2010-11), Nari Rhee (former undergraduate), Amanda Ritchart-Scott (former undergrad), Amy Schafer (postdoc 1998-2001), Rebecca Scarborough (PhD 2005), Megha Sundara, Jeremy Steffman, Meng Yang, Jie Zhang (PhD 2001), and Kie Zuraw.

The picture, taken at the lunch place (Old Canteen, University of Lisbon), shows: front row – Rebecca Scarborough, Mira Oh, Keith Johnson, Jianjing Kuang, Sun-Ah Jun, Mary Baltazani, Isabelle Lin, Meng Yang; second row – Marc Garellek, Amanda Ritchart-Scott, Adam Chong, Jie Zhang, Eleanor Glewwe, Matthew Faytak; last row – Jeremy Steffman, José Maria Lahoz-Bengoechea.

UCLA at LabPhon2018, Lisbon, Portugal