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Published: November 5, 2021

Presenting virtually from Boston from Nov. 4-7, the 46th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 46) features work from UCLA linguists Katya Khlystova, Minqi Liu, Laurel Perkins and Megha Sundara, as well as alumni Adam Chong (*17), Victoria Mateu (*16; UCLA department of Spanish and Portuguese) and Adam Royer (*21).

• Kiwako Ito, Utako Minai, & Adam Royer: “Quantifier spreading and the role of prosody in children and adults: An eye tracking study”
• Ekaterina Khlystova, Adam Chong, & Megha Sundara: “Phonetic variation in coronals in English infant- directed speech: A large-scale corpus analysis”
• Minqi Liu: “Prevalence of long passives in child Mandarin: Input and grammatical intervention”
• Victoria Mateu: “Object wh-questions with psych verbs are easy in child Spanish”
• Laurel Perkins, Yuanfan Ying, Alexander Williams, & Jeffrey Lidz: “Object wh-questions with unknown verbs are transitive for 20-month-olds

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