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UCLA linguists at the International Congress of Linguists (Geneva, 21-27 July)

Published: July 22, 2013

The once-every-five years International Congress of Linguists is currently taking place in Geneva. A number of UCLA linguists (faculty, graduate students and alumni) will be presenting their work.

Byron Ahn: “Universality and Subject-Oriented Reflexivity”

Isabelle Charnavel (Ph.D. 2012): “A Unified Analysis of Iddi Terms (terms expressing identity and difference) based on French data (même ‘same’, différent ‘different’, autre ‘other’…)”

Isabelle Charnavel (Ph.D. 2012) and Dominique Sportiche: “Binding Anaphors: what is the scope of Condition A and why?”

Dominique Sportiche: “No Phrasal Match: all restrictive relative clauses are head raising”

Jessica Rett, Nina Hyams, and Lauren Winans: “The effects of syntax on the acquisition of evidentiality”

Hilda Koopman: “The cartography of objects: on preverbal and postverbal objects”

Yael Sharvit (with Christopher Tancredi, Keio University): “Qualities and Translations”

Yael Sharvit (with Elena Guerzoni, USC): “Whether or not Anything but not Whether Anything or not”

Yu Tanaka (with Shigeko Shinohara, Sophia University): “Synchronic usage of phonetic saliency: Coda perception patterns by the codaless tone language White Hmong”

Tim Stowell is co-organizing a workshop with Liliane Haegeman (Gent) and Elisabeth Stark (Zurich): “Register variation and syntactic theory”

Tim Stowell: “The Syntax of Abbreviated English”