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Published: February 3, 2020

The program for the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 38, hosted by UBC, is out now. The program features an invited talk by Jessica Rett titled Prosodically marked mirativity. Other UCLA linguists presenting are:

•Iara Mantenuto: Comparatives in San Sebastián del Monte Mixtec: A Mixed Construction
•Jeremy Steffman and Sun-Ah Jun: Prosodic prominence in speech perception: the influence of focus structure on the perception of durational and spectral cues
•Travis Major and Harold Torrence: “Say” as a light verb: evidence from Avatime
•Zhuo Chen: Deconstructing yes-no questions: what moves and what doesn’t

•Alum Adam Albright: Speakers avoid saying improbable words, but not exceptional words
•Alum Isabelle Charnavel (with Shannon Bryant): Demystifying picture noun anaphors
•Alum John Gluckman: Epistemic parallels between nouns and clauses
•Alum Jos Tellings: When ‘if’ or ‘when’ are specifying modals