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The LSA 2016 Annual Meeting (Washington DC)

Published: January 28, 2016

This year, we had several students present at the LSA 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., and our very own Patricia Keating was an invited plenary speaker. Her talk was titled ““Voice Quality Variation Within and Across Languages.”

Among the UCLA students, the following are those that presented with their talk titles:

Adam Chong – “Learning consequences of derived-environment effects”

Jesse Zymet – “A case for parallelism: reduplication-repair interaction in Maragoli”

Victoria E. Mateu – “Intervention Effects in Subject-to-Subject Raising: Evidence from Spanish-speaking children”

John Gluckman – “Taking Time with Tough-Movement”

Anthony Yates (Indo-European Dept.) – “(Reconstructing) stress assignment in Hittite and Proto-Indo-European”