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Language Processing Lab at CUNY 2018

Published: February 26, 2018

The UCLA Language Processing Lab has a big showing at the 31st Annual CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference held at UC Davis, March 15-17. Two talks and four posters were accepted for presentation!

CUNY 2018 talks

Correlative adverbs mark not only scope but also contrast: Corpus and eye tracking data. Jesse Harris.
Cue reliability affects anticipatory use of prosody in processing globally ambiguous sentences. Chie Nakamura, Jesse Harris, and Sun-Ah Jun.

CUNY 2018 posters

Complement coercion induces greater garden path cost: Two eye tracking studies. Jesse Harris.
Local constraint is inhibited by global context in concessive structures. Stephanie Rich and Jesse Harris.
Disconfirmed lexical predictions linger in highly constraining contexts. Stephanie Rich and Jesse Harris.
Predictive processing and reliability in the influence of prosody in L2 structural analysis. Chie Nakamura, Jesse Harris, Sun-Ah Jun, and Yuki Hirose.