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Published: October 31, 2019

UCLA linguists turned up for CAMP (CAlifornia Meeting on Psycholinguistics) 3, held at the woodsy UC Santa Cruz October 26-27, 2019. Participants persevered even as the power was cut on day two of the workshop!

  • Mapping Remnant and Correlate in Persian Stripping – Vahideh Rasekhi & Jesse Harris
  • Processing coordination ambiguity in context: Eye-tracking evidence from Estonian – Marju Kaps
  • Not all cues are created equal: Retrieving gender and number in Portuguese relative clauses – Alexandra Lawn
  • The Effect of Position on Relative Clauses – Angelica Pan & Jesse Harris
  • Prosodic Cues and the Interpretation of Rise-Fall-Rise Intonation in American English – Christine Prechtel

Pictured (starting top left): Vahideh Rasekhi, Allie Lawn, Adam Royer, Jesse Harris, Claire Moore-Cantwell, Marju Kaps, Stephanie Rich (former UCLA Lab manager, now UCSC grad student), Angelica Pan, Christine Pretchel, and Lalitha Balachandran (former UCLA undergrad, now UCSC grad student).