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UCLA at CUNY 2019

Published: April 1, 2019

UCLA students, faculty, and current visitors presented talks and posters the 32nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, held at the University of Colorado, Boulder on March 28-31, 2019.

  • Canaan Breiss. Phonotactic markedness increases processing demands in speech production.
  • Jesse Harris, Chie Nakamura, Beth Sturman, and Sun-Ah Jun. Prosody-meaning mismatches in PP ambiguity: Incremental processing with pupillometry.
  • Marju Kaps. Processing information structural ambiguity: Contrastive Topics in Estonian.
  • Marju Kaps, Alexandra Lawn, and Jesse Harris. Delayed attachment commitments for parenthetical relative clauses: An eye-tracking study.
  • Maayan Keshev and Aya Meltzer-Asscher. Certain ungrammaticality or uncertain grammaticality: Deciding between frequent errors and infrequent grammatical structures.
  • Maayan Keshev and Aya Meltzer-Asscher. Distant relatives: Resumptive pronouns can inherit agreement features of implied antecedents.
  • Maayan Keshev, Mor Ovadia, Hila Davidovich, and Aya Meltzer-Asscher. Grammaticized resumption in sentence processing: Disrupting rather than facilitating.
  • Alexandra Lawn and Jesse Harris. Similarity-based interference and morphological retrieval in Portuguese sluiced sentences.
  • Chie Nakamura, Jesse Harris, and Sun-Ah Jun. Listeners’ beliefs about the speaker and adaptation to the deviant use of prosody.
  • Tal Ness and Aya Meltzer-Asscher. Predictive pre-updating: Converging evidence from electrophysiology and eye-blink rate.
  • Stephanie Rich and Jesse Harris. Thinking ahead has its limits: Structural prediction with correlative and quantificational “both”.
  • Jeremy Steffman. Distal rhythmic patterns influence listeners’ processing of phonetic cues.
  • Beth Sturman and Jesse Harris. Effect of partial quotation and transparent free relatives on perspective shift.