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UCLA at Speech Prosody 2018

Published: June 29, 2018

There were three presentations by current department members and one presentation by an alumus Jason Bishop (CUNY) and his student at the Speech Prosody international conference, held on June 13-16 2018 in Poznan, Poland.


Jason Bishop & Boram Kim, “Anticipatory shortening: Articulation rate, phrase length, and lookahead in speech production”

Jeremy Steffman, “Listeners are sensitive to prosody in segmental categorization”


Travis Major & Connor Mayer, “Towards a phonological model of Uyghur intonation”

Adam Royer & Sun-Ah Jun, “A Preliminary Model of Tatar Intonational Phonology”

Congratulations to all!

The picture taken at the banquet shows, from the left, Connor Mayor, Jeremy Steffman, Sun-Ah Jun, Adam Royer, Jason Bishop, and Travis Major.

UCLA at Speech Prosody2018, Poznan, Poland