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Published: October 29, 2021

The 52nd meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 52) is this weekend. The program features many talks by UCLA linguists:

  • Alum Byron Ahn (with Kirby Conrod and Ruth Schultz): How many selves for them?
  • Alum Nikos Angelopoulos: Nominalization of clauses: the clausal prolepsis strategy
  • Alum Isabelle Charnavel and Dominique Sportiche: Unifying intensifiers ourselves
  • Alum Laura Kalin: On the (non-)transparency of infixes at a morpheme juncture: Bottoms up!
  • Stefan Keine (with Will Oxford and Jessica Coon): Person restrictions depend on overt agreement, not nominal licensing
  • Alum Richard Stockwell and Dominique Sportiche (with Aya Meltzer-Asscher): Experimental evidence for the Condition C argument-adjunct asymmetry in English questions
  • Alum Richard Stockwell (with Matthew Tyler): Causative VP-omission in English