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Jesse Harris, Jeremy Steffman and Z.L. Zhou at ETAP4

Published: November 6, 2018

Professor Jesse Harris and graduate students Jeremy Steffman and Z.L. Zhou presented talks and posters at the 4th Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody (ETAP). They were joined by Byron Ahn (an alumnus), Emily Gasser, and Donna Jo Napoli (who are both from Swarthmore).


  • Intonational categories and implicit speech rate normalization: evidence for awareness of prosody in rate dependent speech perception. (Jeremy Steffman)
  • Prosodic features of newscaster intonation: production, perception, and communicative use. (Emily Gasser, Byron Ahn, Donna Jo Napoli & Z.L. Zhou)


  • Pupil dilation indexes closure mismatches between prosody and syntax: a growth curve analysis. (Jesse Harris & Sun-Ah Jun)
  • Prosodic structure and intonational phonology of the Chungcheong dialect of Korean. (Sejin Oh & Sun-Ah Jun)
  • The interaction of stress, tonal alignment, and phrasal position in Singaporean English. (Adam Chong & James German)
  • PoLaR Annotation Conventions: A Tool for Annotating Prosodic Variation. (Byron Ahn, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel & Nanette Veilleux)
  • Spurious pitch movements in American English polar questions. (Byron Ahn & Z.L. Zhou)