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UCLA @ LSA 2021

Published: January 18, 2021

In addition to the best-abstract awards to Hiro, Jeremy, Maura, and Richard, there were lots of talks and posters by UCLA linguists at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, which was held virtually from 7-10 January:

  • Canaan Breiss: Base effects are probabilistic: a case study in Lexical Conservatism
  • Colin Brown and Harold Torrence: Predicate Focus Doubling in Dschang: Implications for Clausal Syntax
  • Zhuo Chen: The external syntax of Mandarin conditionals and Cyclic Linearization
  • Zhuo Chen and Blake Lehman: An argument analysis of cognate objects in Dschang (Yemba)
  • Matthew Faytak and Jeremy Steffman: Mixed voice in Yemba voiced aspirates
  • Jinyoung Jo: Loss of productivity in phonological processes: The case of Korean vowel harmony
  • Jennifer Kuo: Evidence for base-driven alternation in Tgdaya Seediq
  • Hironori Katsuda and Jeremy Steffman: The role of segment and pitch accent in Japanese spoken word recognition
  • Maura O’Leary: Locality constraints in nominal evaluation times
  • Maura O’Leary and Richard Stockwell: Skills-based grading: a novel approach to teaching formal semantics
  • Jeremy Steffman: Prominence effects in vowel perception: Testing sonority expansion and hyperarticulation
  • Jeremy Steffman (with Jae Weller): Effects of aspiration and voicing on vowel acoustics in Yemba
  • Jeremy Steffman and Sun-Ah Jun (with Sahyang Kim and Taehong Cho): Prosodic phrasing is integrated in segmental speech perception: Evidence from the Korean Accentual Phrase
  • Z.L. Zhou and Canaan Breiss: Towards substantively biased typology: Effects of environment on PMap biases